Gresham Palace – 4 Seasons, Budapest, Hungary

Klotild Palota St Regis Hotel, Budapest

Hoi An River Resort, Hoi An, Vietnam

Hotel InterContinental Budapest, Hungary

more hospitality projects

Cà Tê Eco Village Resort, Hoi An

completion: ongoing
area: 1,500 sq.m.
cma service: architects, interior design, master planning

This boutique hotel project, for an experienced local developer, takes place in two separate sites, near each other. On the smaller site, that faces the access route, is located the welcome and administration building. On the other site the accommodation dwellings, the amenities and F&B spaces maintain the intention to provide the feeling of a small traditional Vietnamese village. Elements from the region are integrated to enhance the local feature, like the water wells, banyan trees, and an eco-pool, which will be made in the inner area of the existing shrimp pond.

Feasibility Studies Tashkent, Uzbekistan

completion: ongoing
area: 20.219 + 29.052 sq.m.
cma service: architects, master and feasibility planning

CMA have been selected by a Gulf-based developer to prepare detailed development schemes for two different projects in Tashkent. The first one (in the city center) makes use of a historical building to renovate into a luxury hotel. New residential towers, and retail will share the plot while keeping autonomy. The other project is located in a more residential neighborhood. The aim is to provide luxury villas in a green environment. A new hotel is located over the outline of the existing hotel.

St Matthews Resort, Syria

completion: ongoing
area: 39,000 sq.m.
cma service: architects, concept, master planning

Located high in Syria’s the Al-Anṣariyyah Mountains, the glamping resort is planned to serve both weekend travelers from the close cities of Homs and Damascus, as well as the pilgrims to the shrine of St Matthew located several hundred meters away.

The resort provides guest accommodation in 50 “rooms” which are either domed fabric structures or hard-walled villas. Located at the top of the site, the resort’s hospitality components are located in a restored private villa and include a restaurant, café, and co-working spaces. At the peak, an event dome will house concerts as well as private functions.

Liberty Square Hotel Feasibility, Budapest, Hungary

completion:  2019
area: 45,450 sqm BIA
cma service: architecture

Commissioned by a multinational hotel investment firm, the feasibility study included the examination of Budapest’s original stock exchange building for hotel conversion. Targeted as a 6-star ultra-luxury product, the program included some 258 rooms and suites, luxury spa, 2 restaurants plus café and bar with a full conferencing and banqueting facility.

Marriott Pergola, Budapest

completion: ongoing
area: 1.550 sq.m.
cma service: architects

The renovation of the pavilion intends to provide an incomparable Danube-side locations to restaurants and bars. Located on the Danube promenade, the building is organized in a way that three different restaurants/bars can co-exist in harmony. The use of the roof terrace takes advantage of the view and provide extra space.

Mogotel Design and Brand Standards. Riga, Latvia

completion: 2018
area: n/a
cma service: design documentation

CMA have been appointed by this new, expanding Baltic hotel chain to author their design standards, to be used in all future facilities.

earls 67 Atrium, Calgary

completion: 2016
cmaservice: design concept, executive architect, project management*
size: 85 m2

Michael designed this highly innovative glass cube solution for the omnipresent Canadian restaurant chain, to replace their existing patio located in a shaded, windswept corner of the Stephen Avenue Mall. The four seasons concept is fully heated and air conditioned, but the sides are constructed of glazing which moves open when weather permits. The structure is composed of 3 shipping containers, fastened together and standing on custom made foot pads, ready to be disconnected and relocated within 24 hours notification from the City if required for street maintenance.
*service provided while associated with another firm

earls 67 Restaurant, Calgary

completion: 2016
cmaservice: executive architect, principal in charge, project management*
size: 900 m2

earls 67 is a flagship outlet for this highly successful chain of premium casual eateries, being the 67th North American location to be exact. The $8 million renovation includes a triple themed dining space with coffee lounge anchoring the street entry, a bright and open canteen to the left and a formal “Banker’s Bar” lounge to the opposite side for long evening sessions. Full kitchen and back of house renovation works included.
*service provided while associated with another firm

Clark Adam Hotel, Budapest

completion: N/A
area: 5,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: concept architects

CMA provided assistance to the project owners to explore possible design solutions for the constrained site at the foot of the famous Chain Bridge.

McDonald’s, Hungary

completion: 2017 – ongoing
area: varies
cma service: architects, interior design, project management

CMA is involved in several projects of the well-known fast-food company around Hungary. Being responsible for projects in Budapest (7 units), Győr (3 units), Keszthely, Nagykanizsa, Szolnok.

Nevsky Prospect Hotel, St. Petersburg/span>

completion: 2014
area: 9,500 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects

This 5-star luxury hotel is located on St. Petersburg’s upscale Nevsky Prospect, just a few hundred meters from the Hermitage. The 120 rooms are located in the renovated Wawelburg Bank building. Schematic design completed.

Hotel InterContinental, Vienna, Austria

completion: Phase Four: April, 2000.
area: 45,000 m2
cmaservice: architects, project managers

A full service 5-star hotel and convention center near the heart of the old city of Vienna. CMA refurbished three guest room levels to Club standards, full renovation of the ballroom and conference facilities, renovated executive offices and created additional conference rooms.

Quick Restaurants, Budapest

completion: 2003
area: varies
cmaservice: architects, interior design

CMA assisted the well-known French chain restaurant with the design of 6 outlets, including the master interior design concept.

Wendy’s Restaurant’s Budapest

completion: 1998
area: varies
cmaservice: architects, interior design.

The expansion of the Wendy’s chain in Hungary with the design of 13 outlets, including drive through pad stores.

Iguana Restaurant, Budapest

completion: 1997
area: 500 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior.

Design of one of the most successful expat restaurants in Budapest.

Burger King Restaurants, Budapest

completion: 1995
area: varies
cmaservice: architects, interior design.

CMA completed two restaurant facilities for this well known fast food chain in Budapest.

Beach Resort, Cam Ranh Vietnam

completion: N/A
area:  32,800 sq.m.
cma service: architects

Located in Vietnam’s southern coast, this 5 star resort includes hotel, lagoon bungalows and full activity functions.

The Meridien Hotel Budapest

completion: 1998
area: 23,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: project manager.

Renovation of the former police headquarters, and historic former Adria Insurance Building, at Deák Ferenc utca to create a five star hotel.

Central European University Residence

completion: 1996
area: 22,000 m2
cmaservice: architects, interior design, owner’s representative

A former transient workers’ hostel built in the 1960’s was transformed into a student residence of the recently expanded university, established in Budapest in 1993. Four hundred student residence rooms, all air-conditioned and with private bath, were constructed into the stripped concrete shell structure. Other facilities include twenty staff apartments, a restaurant, a pub, a coffee lounge, a swimming pool & sports centre, and an extensive multipurpose meeting/conference centre.

Empress Hotel Redevelopment Victoria, Canada

completion: 1992
facilities: restored ballroom (500 banquet), new ballroom (1500 banquet), breakout rooms, 4 F&B outlets, central production kitchen, 550 guest rooms, 20 retail outlets
cmaservice: Architects (Michael’s works at Carruthers & Associates

This project encompassed the complete redevelopment, restoration and integration of the Empress Hotel as the leading four-star hotel, meeting and conference facility on the Pacific Rim. In addition to creation of new stand-alone entry pavilion, fitness facility, lift tower and conference center all areas of the Hotel received a full refurbishment and fire and life safety upgrade. The works included the construction of a 3-level, 350 car parking structure.
The project is ranked as one of the top ten restored hotels in the world by Conde Nast.

Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Canada

completion: 1990
facilities:  250 guest rooms, lobby bar (40 seats), teahouse (60 seats), staff canteen (120 seats), production kitchen (central kitchen for entire complex)
cma service: architects, interior design (Michael’s works at Carruthers & Associates)

The first phase of the renovation of this property included the restoration of three unused staff annexes to provide a 250 room, self-sustaining hotel wing, the bridged connection to the main hotel mass and the creation of an award winning parking structure. The design and planning was directed by the aesthetic of the main building, constructed by the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1888.

The project is ranked as one of the top ten restored hotels in the world by Conde Nast.

Chateau Lake Louise Redevelopment, Lake Louise, Canada

completion: 1990
facilities: 200 new guest rooms, 300 renovated guest rooms, 2 production kitchens, Family restaurant (200 seats), Edelweiss fine dining (120 seats), Wine Stube (80 seats), Glacier Bar (200 seats), Victoria dining room (300 seats), Ballroom (1000 banquet), 20 breakout rooms.
cmaservice: Architects, interior designers (Michael’s works at Carruthers & Associates)

The Chateau Lake Louise undertook a major redevelopment project that included the addition of a new guest wing (200 rooms), a new entry pavilion, a 400 car parking facility, retail and conference facilities, complete site infrastructure, and replacement of the alpine landscape and restoration of the heritage elements of the existing building. The Glacier wing included 200 new guest rooms, dining room, family restaurant, lounge and retail arcade.

The project is ranked as one of the top ten restored hotels in the world by Conde Nast.