Canadian Embassy, Budapest

Nelson Mandela High School, Calgary, Canada

Norwegian Embassy, Budapest

CEU Nádor Bookstore, Budapest

more institutional projects

South Tallcree Elementary School and Kindergarten, South Tallcree, Alberta

client: Tallcree First Nation
area: 3,800 sq.m.
budget: $25,000,000
opened: September 2020
CMAservice: architecture, interior design, feasibility analysis

The creation, from the feasibility stage onwards, of a new home for the Tallcree First Nation Elementary School and Kindergarten. Project goals include the creation of a proper educational facility to deliver educational programs that will help increase interest and attendance at school and lead to career opportunities for students. The creation of a community gathering space, a community fitness facility, community kitchen. Addition of an Elder’s Space at the entry to enhance the interaction between the youngest and eldest members of the community. Sustainable energy sources including biomass heating systems (the Nation will produce the fuel), solar hot water, and solar PV.

LEED Gold certification.

The Australian Embassy, Budapest

completion: 1994/2009
area: 900 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers, interior design

The Australian Government commissioned CMA to design, tender, and project manage their new facilities in a speculative office space located in the lower Buda hills area of the city. A budget reflecting quality finishes of slate and pear wood veneer paneling is of particular note. Renovated 2009.

Open Society Institute (OSI), London

completion: 2008
area: 1,500 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Expanding office facilities located in west London, starting with initial 500 sq.m. fit-out completed 2004, additional 500 sq.m. tenancies in both 2006 and 2007.

OSI Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

completion: 2006
area: N/A
cmaservice: architects, project managers.

Survey of building of Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, repair and construction works to all levels to eliminate water damage due to rising damp.

European Humanities University, Minsk

completion: 2005 (cancelled)
area: 50,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: concept architects, project managers

Creation of the first private University in Belarus, the facility was to house the various faculties located throughout the city. Canceled by presidential decree.

Soros Foundation, Baku

completion: 2002
area: 800 m2
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Purchase, design and completion of the new Headquarters for Soros Foundation/OSI Azerbaijan.

OSI Offices, Sarajevo

completion: 2002
area: 200 sq.m.
cmaservice: project managers

Assistance to the Client in selection of a location, technical review and administration.

OSI Offices, Vilnius

completion: 2001
strong>area: 2,800 sq.m.
cmaservice: project managers

Assistance to the client in construction administration and ongoing technical assistance.

Canadian Embassy, Moscow

area: 8,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior design

CMA was engaged to provide design services for the fit-out of a leased building within the White Square development in Central Moscow. Facility to include chancery as well as staff and ambassador’s residence. Surrounding public areas sensitively re-developed to provide security.

Soros Foundation, Tbilisi

completion: 2000
area: 3,00 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Purchase, design and completion of the new Headquarters for Soros Foundation/OSI Georgia.

European Roma Rights Centre, Budapest

completion: 2000
area: 600 m2
cmaservice: interior design, project management

Renovation of 19th century house in Budapest’s VIIth District.

OSI Offices, Skopje

completion: 1999
area: 650 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Fit-out of leased office area; design and construction administration.

Radio Free Europe Offices, Prague

completion: 1998
area: 2,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Fit-out of RFE offices upon their relocation from Munich.

Centre for Culture and Communication Budapest

completion: 1996
area: 1,200 sq.m.
cmaservice: Architectural, Interior Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The facility contains an Internet Gallery for the free usage of the public, a gallery for display of media arts as well as administrative areas for the curators of the facility. The location of this facility is within the Budapest castle in a former palace constructed in 1468