Tbilisi Airport Master Plan, Georgia

Airside Global Trade and Technology Park, Budapest

Cà Tê Eco Village Resort, Hoi An

Feasibility Studies Tashkent, Uzbekistan

more master planning projects

Hoi An Municipal Plan, Vietnam

completion: 2015
area: 125 ha
cmaservice: master planning

The municipality of Hoi An has accumulated a 125 ha site linked to the UNESCO World Heritage historic center of the city. Used envisaged include a river-side resort, city hotel, eco-resort, residential together with several cultural uses.

Moritz Master Plan, Budatétény-Budapest

completion: N/A
area: 15 hectare
cmaservice: master planning, architects

Producing site options for the long term, mixed use development of the property located to the south of the Campona shopping center.

Károlyi István City Center, Budapest

completion: N/A
area: 106,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: master planning

A new city center for Budapest’s IVth District, composed of residential, commercial, office and public areas.
In consortium with RMJM Architects.

Sabareni Residential Master Planning, Romania

completion: N/A
area: 423 ha
cmaservice: master planning, architects

Located adjacent to the future Bucharest ring road, this new satellite suburb is envisaged to provide full service living with amenities ranging from recreational lakes, tennis, pools and spas. More than 1,400 residential units with associated retail.

Népsziget Master Plan, Budapest

completion: N/A
area: N/A
cmaservice: master planning, architects

Initial planning to works to understand the boundary of the development possibilities of “People’s Island” in central Budapest.