National Instruments Office Building ‘D’, Debrecen

Hotel InterContinental Budapest, Hungary

Canadian Embassy, Budapest

National Instruments Office Building ‘C’, Debrecen

UniPlaza, Yerevan

completion: N/A
area: 25,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: aarchitects, interior design, project managers

Mixed-use development is located 50 meters from Republic Square, the very heart of Yerevan. Uses include office, apartment hotel, retail and several food and beverage outlets including atrium café. The façade design reflects the importance of the location adjacent to the Square as well as the neighboring Foreign Ministry.

CIB Bank Branch, Kaposvár, Hungary

completion: 2014
area: 680 sqm
cmaservice: architects

Architectural services for internal alteration of the CIB Bank branch office in Kaposvár (permit and construction drawings).

Mentor Graphics, Yerevan

completion: 2013
area: 3,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: project management, interior design

‘A’ category office fitout to Mentor’s International office standards, Yerevan.

The Australian Embassy, Budapest

completion: 1994/2009
area: 900 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers, interior design

The Australian Government commissioned CMA to design, tender, and project manage their new facilities in a speculative office space located in the lower Buda hills area of the city. A budget reflecting quality finishes of slate and pear wood veneer paneling is of particular note. Renovated 2009.

Open Society Institute (OSI), London

completion: 2008
strong>area: 1,500 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Expanding office facilities located in west London, starting with initial 500 sq.m. fit-out completed 2004, additional 500 sq.m. tenancies in both 2006 and 2007.

Citibank Offices, Bucharest

completion: 2008
area: 9,000 m2
cmaservice: project management

Relocation of the Citibank Romania’s headquarters to 3 new, leased premises in Bucharest

Citibank – Bank Center, Budapest

completion: 2007
area: 2,500 sq.m.
cmaservice: space planning, interior design

Space planning and interior design of the flag ship office of Citibank Hungary.

National Instruments Office Building ‘B’, Debrecen

completion: 2007
area: 5,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Construction of high specification office building to house the expanding Debrecen facilities of National Instruments. Includes some 5000 sq.m. of new open plan office, new basement locker rooms to support the manufacturing activities, associated external works and interior modifications to the existing office building.

National Instruments, Warehouse Extension, Debrecen

completion: 2007 October
area: 2,200 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project management

Forming the third phase of National Instruments investments in its Central European facility, the construction of a warehouse extension containing high bay racking, office facility, washrooms and drivers resting area, external works includes 200 stalls parking lot extension.

OSI Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

completion: 2006
area: N/A
cmaservice: architects, project managers.

Survey of building of Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, repair and construction works to all levels to eliminate water damage due to rising damp.

European Humanities University, Minsk

completion: 2005 (cancelled)
area: 50,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: concept architects, project managers

Creation of the first private University in Belarus, the facility was to house the various faculties located throughout the city. Canceled by presidential decree.

OSI Offices, Sarajevo

completion: 2002
area: 200 sq.m.
cmaservice: project managers

Assistance to the Client in selection of a location, technical review and administration.

Soros Foundation, Baku

completion: 2002
area: 800 m2
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Purchase, design and completion of the new Headquarters for Soros Foundation/OSI Azerbaijan.

National Instruments, Debrecen

completion: 2001
area: 14,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Manufacturing and office facilities at the new Industrial Park on the outskirts of Debrecen. Flagship office building of 6,000 sq.m., manufacturing building of 8,000 sq.m. with integral logistics. The first of several phases.

OSI Offices, Vilnius

completion: 2001
strong>area: 2,800 sq.m.
cmaservice: project managers

Assistance to the client in construction administration and ongoing technical assistance.

Hotel InterContinental Budapest, Hungary

completion: Phase One: April, 1998. Phase Two: April, 1999. Phase Tree: September, 2000
area : 32,000 m2
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Renovation of the former Forum Hotel to international five star standards, and the further renovation to convert the facility into a conferencing hotel. The first and second phases included the guest rooms and back of house areas. In the third phase CMA designed the new ballroom and conference facilities, new food and beverage concept, refurbishment of two guest levels to ICH standards and the new Health Club, including fitness and swimming pool.

Open Society Institute, Bucharest

completion: 2000
strong>area: 2,600 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Renovation of historic villa and outbuilding in the center of Bucharest to fulfill the OSI requirements. The building itself is the part of Bucharest architectural heritage.

European Roma Rights Centre, Budapest

completion: 2000
area: 600 m2
cmaservice: interior design, project management

Renovation of 19th century house in Budapest’s VIIth District.

Soros Foundation, Tbilisi

completion: 2000
area: 3,00 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, interior design, project managers

Purchase, design and completion of the new Headquarters for Soros Foundation/OSI Georgia.

OSI Offices, Skopje

completion: 1999
area: 650 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Fit-out of leased office area; design and construction administration.

Citibank Branch Design, Hungary

completion: 1999 – Ongoing
area :varies
cmaservice : space planning, interior design, project management

Ongoing roll out of Citibank branch network in Budapest and throughout the country. Beginning in 1996 and continuing to this day, CMA has completed over 30 branches, including Lajos utca-, Váci utca-, MOM Park and Vörösmarty tér branches.

The Meridien Hotel Budapest

completion: 1998
area :23,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: project manager.

Renovation of the former police headquarters, and historic former Adria Insurance Building, at Deák Ferenc utca to create a five star hotel.

Radio Free Europe Offices, Prague

completion: 1998
area: 2,000 sq.m.
cmaservice: architects, project managers

Fit-out of RFE offices upon their relocation from Munich.

Central European University Residence

completion: 1996
area: 22,000 m2
cmaservice: architects, interior design, owner’s representative

A former transient workers’ hostel built in the 1960’s was transformed into a student residence of the recently expanded university, established in Budapest in 1993. Four hundred student residence rooms, all air-conditioned and with private bath, were constructed into the stripped concrete shell structure. Other facilities include twenty staff apartments, a restaurant, a pub, a coffee lounge, a swimming pool & sports centre, and an extensive multipurpose meeting/conference centre.

CEU Nádor Bookstore, Budapest

completion: 1996
area: 300 sq.m.
cmaservice: interior design

Fit-out for the University’s bookstore, located in the historic Nador utca main campus building.

Centre for Culture and Communication Budapest

completion: 1996
area: 1,200 sq.m.
cmaservice: Architectural, Interior Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The facility contains an Internet Gallery for the free usage of the public, a gallery for display of media arts as well as administrative areas for the curators of the facility. The location of this facility is within the Budapest castle in a former palace constructed in 1468

Hungarocoop Office Tower renovation for Central European University, Budapest

completion: 1995
area: 3600 m2
cmaservice: architects, interior design

Renovation of a office building on Oktober 6th utca in Budapest’s Vth District.