renovation projects

The Mill, Budapest

Exchange Palace, Budapest

Open Society Institute, Bucharest

Hotel InterContinental, Vienna, Austria

more renovation projects

Klotild Palota St Regis Hotel, Budapest

completion: ongoing
area: 12, 000 sq.m.
cma service: architects, design managers

Renovation of the 1906 Klotild Palace into the St Regis Hotel Budapest, the most luxurious of Marriott’s brands. The 5+ star hotel will feature 102 guest rooms and suite, a full spa facility, restaurant, café, St Regis Bar, and a conference facility.

Marriott Pergola, Budapest

completion: ongoing
area: 1.550 sq.m.
cma service: architects

The renovation of the pavilion intends to provide an incomparable Danube-side locations to restaurants and bars. Located on the Danube promenade, the building is organized in a way that three different restaurants/bars can co-exist in harmony. The use of the roof terrace takes advantage of the view and provide extra space.