Hoi An River Resort, Hoi An, Vietnam

Chateau Lake Louise Redevelopment, Lake Louise, Canada

Hoi An City Hotel, Vietnam

Island Hideaway Resort, Hon Vong Island Vietnam

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St Matthews Resort, Syria

completion: ongoing
area: 39,000 sq.m.
cma service: architects, concept, master planning

Located high in Syria’s the Al-Anṣariyyah Mountains, the glamping resort is planned to serve both weekend travelers from the close cities of Homs and Damascus, as well as the pilgrims to the shrine of St Matthew located several hundred meters away.

The resort provides guest accommodation in 50 “rooms” which are either domed fabric structures or hard-walled villas. Located at the top of the site, the resort’s hospitality components are located in a restored private villa and include a restaurant, café, and co-working spaces. At the peak, an event dome will house concerts as well as private functions.

Cà Tê Eco Village Resort, Hoi An

completion: ongoing
area: 1,500 sq.m.
cma service: architects, interior design, master planning

This boutique hotel project, for an experienced local developer, takes place in two separate sites, near each other. On the smaller site, that faces the access route, is located the welcome and administration building. On the other site the accommodation dwellings, the amenities and F&B spaces maintain the intention to provide the feeling of a small traditional Vietnamese village. Elements from the region are integrated to enhance the local feature, like the water wells, banyan trees, and an eco-pool, which will be made in the inner area of the existing shrimp pond.