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National Instruments Office Building ‘C’, Debrecen

Cà Tê Eco Village Resort, Hoi An

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South Tallcree Elementary School and Kindergarten, South Tallcree, Alberta

client: Tallcree First Nation
area: 3,800 sq.m.
budget: $25,000,000
opened: September 2020
CMAservice: architecture, interior design, feasibility analysis

The creation, from the feasibility stage onwards, of a new home for the Tallcree First Nation Elementary School and Kindergarten. Project goals include the creation of a proper educational facility to deliver educational programs that will help increase interest and attendance at school and lead to career opportunities for students. The creation of a community gathering space, a community fitness facility, community kitchen. Addition of an Elder’s Space at the entry to enhance the interaction between the youngest and eldest members of the community. Sustainable energy sources including biomass heating systems (the Nation will produce the fuel), solar hot water, and solar PV.

LEED Gold certification.